Women's Day 2018

Better later than never, here is a report of the first Women Development meet-up at CUSAT, that took place on 6 March 2018

The meetup venue was splendid, in the Seminar Hall of the School of Engineering, CUSAT.

The meet-up was hosted by Pehia and IT association of CUSAT. The premises, also splendid — all in white, welcomed about 150 girls attendees.

Women's Day

When you talk about a society’s development, it’s important to consider the women’s development and Women Dev meet-up at CUSAT was about to help the girls student to get involve into technology.

Thanuja, Mufeeda and I chaired the event. We welcomed all of speakers of the meet-up starting from Annalie Killian, Director Human Networks at sparks & honey with Anna-Grace Millward, founder of Orbispace, Irfan malik, founder of Inq Innovation and Enfa Rose, lead person at PEHIA.

The event went very well: great speakers, many enthusiastic girls students, a brain storming session by Enfa, many tweets and Facebook’s posts.

Women's Day

Many thanks to PEHIA organisation and IT association members for their support, with special thanks to Thanuja who did all the ground work for the meet-up starting from coordinating with the IT association people on many aspects such as the venue logistics and registration system, Publicity for the meet-up in the College.


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