What stops me ?

I was volunteering Facebook build day on last saturday which was organised by facebook developers circles: kochi and around 25 hackers reached there at the venue at Baker academy for science and engineering.

I metYadev Jayachandran there, he designs logos and posters So I asked him about some helpful tools in Adobe illustrator, the way he started helping me there one thing started moving into my mind, I could have learn more things in the last 2 years in college If I tried to asked more from people.

So question is, What stops me to grow?

I think, What people will think

Whenever I fail to find any solution on google, I don’t try to ask people because I think what people will think.

The origins of mine

From the beginning of my childhood l used to give up on any things which seems difficult to get and still now I have that “Quit it” habbit.

The environment I had got till now

I became more efficient when I saw people around me are working. I don’t like to work alone at home and anywhere.

The environment I have got now is my bedroom where I have to work solo, sitting on my bed using my laptop, this workplace make me more lazier and not help me to grow.

It’s always better to learn from past so the same I have started to do, I ask people as more as possible now. Now I try a lot more attempts than the past before giving upon any things. Now I have started volunteering to organisation and community so that I will engage while learning and working there and will not let me become lazy :’)

There is only way to grow is that you don’t have to stop, just keep going whether you fails or get success, learn from your every action. Whatever stops me I’m trying to eliminate them on daily basis. Now I can feel like things are getting chanced really. I will tell you how things are getting changed. Now I don’t feel stress whenever I saw an error in my android studio. Now I can watch Hollywood movies without subtitles and I can listen to Taylor swift clearly too and there many small things which I had learn. So yeah things are getting changed because I had given my last two years for few things to learn. But I have to work more harder without thinking what other thinks. I was really amazed when I saw the below calculation for the first time. Did you?


Well in my case it’s 2 times 365. So do the math and comment below (only if you want, no pressures)


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