A hill to die on
A shoulder to (sometimes) cry on
A road to walk on
A door to knock on
A dream to live-in and live-on

A tree of thought
What to say to them and what to not
Saying is lame, not saying is being a bot
Who decides what's right and what's wrong?
Let me make my move, the journey is not long.

You didn't even looked at me once
What does it costs you
When did I lost you
Hold my hand again,
My heart is again in pain
I want to see you again
Tell me where and when
I'm trying to be strong
But it's all going in vain
Can't imagine not seeing you again
I can wait for years
Look at me again like you looked once

Every night, there is a fight.
Fight with loneliness.
Then sudden fall asleep while waiting for sunrise.
Days are lol-liness, bright.
Enough Lights.
Enough Lights to hide the darkness which scares me every single night.
Are there any switch button?
I need to switch my nights to days.

There is a dawn of every dusk,
It will take time, because the rise of Sun is must,
A new whole day, something like you have hit the refresh button,
Let her go, because there is a dawn hidden few hours away
It's dark.
It's not permanent.
There is a dawn coming.

Hills and the people are aound them
Ups and Downs
Above the clouds
Lovely people around
Green everywhere
Nature starts there
Fresh Air to breathe
Rain and Sunshine
Evenings with rum and wine
Millions of stars to spot
Hundreds of culture to know
Hundreds of foods to try
The big hard rocks
Morning alarm by the cock
Days start and ends with fog

The heavy heart
Never takes anything light,
The wet eyes
About to cry,
The shaking hands
Don't know how to write,
It's always foggy sometime
Day and night,
Since when it became like this
Older one was better and bliss,
I am familiar with this little heavy heart of mine
It always gets better, just need some time

Walking with joy
End of the waiting hours to see someone
Hours of meaningless gossips
Overdramatic as usual
Celebrating without occasion
Sleeping and traveling during the occasion
Streets of Bangalore
Saying 'Hi' to random strangers
That's the story of past few months so far.

Lot more changes to experience
Lot more new people to meet
Lot more old people to make friend now
Lot more to learn how to forget some good old people

I can't speak about it.
I can't stop thinking about it.
I can't suppress that emotion within me.
I don't know how others deal with it?
We can meet often, but those meet won't bring any change to her blind heart.
My heavy little heart doesn't like the idea of a new start. It's still stuck with her.
It always felt like it has lost something.
I am lost. The love for her is not.
I can't do much about it. Those chemicals keep activating some cells that bring tears to my eyes.
I am fighting with it. Hey, I am becoming a fighter.
Good night, my little heart. Take care. Disturb me less.