What does empowering FOSS means from an Indian POV?

What does empowering FOSS means from an Indian POV? And how FOSS United is trying to help Indian Developers achieve it.

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Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) has, always, been a matter of pride among various developer communities owing to the fact the free and collaborative contribution it provides for the software industry, in general. But, unfortunately, the trend has never caught much attention in India. With the majority of the developers striving to work in companies working on proprietary software, the FOSS community, in consequence, has never seen any substantial growth. But FOSS United is trying its best to make a breakthrough.

The above exposition and the disproportionately low number of quality FOSS projects coming out of India when compared to the thriving tech industry and the vast number of developers put everything into perspective. Now, being an Indian, I can totally understand why most people think that contributing time in FOSS projects — after understanding the entire project structure, which is a big enough feat in itself — , apparently, does little to no benefit on a whole given the infrastructure or rather its lack of. But regardless of what is apparent, I believe working on a FOSS project gives you the right exposure about big scale projects and its structuring which will tremendously help while working in a company on proprietary software. It will also help with developing the right skills and getting acquainted with working in teams. And the best of all reasons, you’re helping the community!

FOSS United — FOSS United is a non-profit foundation that aims at promoting and strengthening the FOSS ecosystem in India and other similar organisations — solely focussed on Indian developers — are helping in bringing the much-needed breakthrough in FOSS community growth. FOSS United is also planning on conducting a FOSS themed online hackathon to go along with this campaign. If you’re interested in helping the FOSS community, then check out these Indian communities: FOSS United and ICFOSS.

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Vishal Arya

Vishal works at FOSS United and helps NPOs/NGOs by enabling them with tech.

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